About Nature in HD

OctoberTerryAnnette5Nature in HD is a premier provider of quality HD, UHD and 4K nature stock footage for all professional media production needs.

Nature in HD Footage appearances includes national and international television broadcasting, major-production wildlife documentaries, reality television, motion picture, corporate advertising, children’s television, educational exhibits and museums.

“Our natural world is a priceless gift. We must view it as such and conduct ourselves as stewards of the land, not consumers of resources.”

Nature in HD’s footage has been shown on national network television including National Geographic, Animal Planet, and Discovery Channel; has been featured in museum exhibits and children’s educational television programs. Their footage has also been featured in major corporation advertising, such as Colman. Terry is an award winning photographer, lecturer and presenter with over 30 years experience. His North American images portray a diversity of natural subjects: mammals, birds, insects, as well as their individual and/or unique habitats – from northern boreal and bog habitats to western mountain and desert.

He firmly believes that the smaller, less noticed species of the environment are no less important than higher-profile subjects. He combines his extensive knowledge of wildlife and habitat with many hours spent in the field, capturing natural wildlife behavior.