Killdeer- New Hatchlings

Killdeer are one of the most familiar plovers running the grounds in North America. Named for their vocalization, they are active both day and night. They will often visit well-lit ball fields and parks in the evenings, where they are quite social and vocal. Considered shorebirds, any water will do–even lawn sprinklers. Although nesting on the ground can leave them vulnerable to predation, they are the masters of the broken-wing technique–drawing away potential harm. Waving their wings and flopping around on the ground, they mimic a wounded bird in distress. Drawn to a potential easy meal, the predator closes in. The bird will then magically heal, run or fly off, and continue the performance; drawing the predator farther and farther from the nestlings. These fluffy chicks will leave the nest as soon as dry, bobbing their heads, following their parents, and quickly learning the ways of the Killdeer.

Music: “Redwood Highway” by Audionautix

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